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Roof Cleaning

You may not have noticed your roof is dirty. Algae and black mold are eating at your shingles. Your roof can be cleaned at a fraction of the cost of replacement to it's original color without harming the shingles. Getting the roof clean will prolong the life of your roof and make your home more attractive. Instead of replacing your roof due to unsightliness, clean it. Dirty roof pictured at left.

Our Method

A cleaning solution is sprayed on your roof to get rid of gloeocapsa magma (black mold, algae, moss, etc.). This is done from standing on a ladder so usually there is no need to walk on the roof. There is no pressure and no damage to the roof. We follow the directives of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association on how a roof is to be cleaned (without pressure). We also follow the procedures of the Roof Cleaning Institute of America as we are a Premium member of the professional organization. Same roof as above after being cleaned.

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And More

The gutters will need to be cleaned and we also provide this service. Occasionally a tree will need to be trimmed as it rubs against the roof or siding. We provide these services and more depending on what you want cleaned. We clean wood and vinyl fences, decks, siding and more. What do you need cleaned?

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We currently serve the St. Clair County area of Michigan. Licensed and insured. Free estimates.

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